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Kansas State School Board Bans Pokemon Due to Evolution Content

The vote, which passed by a narrow margin after weeks of debate amongst members of the board, is being hailed as a victory by conservatives and religious groups.

The controversy first started when religious groups discovered the prominent role that evolution plays as a gameplay mechanic in the Pokemon games. Several prominent churches in the Topeka area started distributing pamphlets to parents warning of “the subversive content” in the Pokemon games, and then turned their eyes to the school system, which has long been a hotbed of Pokemon activity.

Many Kansas churches also held events geared towards encouraging children to drop the game, ranging from several “Pokemon burnings” where copies of the games were thrown into large bonfires, to programs that provided students with a free Bible for every game they turned in to church authorities.

Above: Protestors from the Calvary Glorious Christ Church Militant and Triumphant Baptist Temple gather singing hymns and burning Pokemon games.

Still other church groups, recognizing the addictive nature of video games, have started voluntary support groups for children where they can admit to their video game addiction and give over their life to a higher power in order to remain Pokemon free for the rest of their lives.

Znao sam da je taj Pokemon zlo! 🙂


Written by Lucifer

4. 4. 2007. at 20:58

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  1. Ovo vjerojatno samo mene, starog i čangrizavog zlobnika, podsjeća na spaljivanja vještica…

    Charon l'Cypher

    5. 4. 2007. at 1:21

  2. Ne znam zašto, ali pada mi na pamet pjesma HOLY SMOKE od Maidena

    “Burning records, burning books
    Holy soldiers, Nazi looks.! 😀

    Teomondo Scrofalo

    5. 4. 2007. at 9:57

  3. Ipak ovakva reakcija ukazuje na napredak. Sada pale knjige, igračke i slične proizvode koje “ugrožavaju maticu Crkvu”.
    Prije su palili i autore toga.


    13. 4. 2007. at 13:35


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