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Gethin Chamberlain

Kumari Naik with her son Santosh amid the ashes of their home. Photograph: Gethin Chamberlain

Iako naslov zvuči kao da su Papa Naci i njegova ekipa (opet) u elementu, ovaj put su Kršćani žrtve nasilne promjene vjere. U Orissi (država u Indiji), krenuli su masovni progoni Kršćana uz prisilna hinduziranja (ili kako se već zove nasilno pokrštavanje koje rade Hindusi). Do sada, posljedice su 59 mrtvih, 50.000 izbjeglih i tisuće domova i crkava spaljeni.

Hundreds of Christians in the Indian state of Orissa have been forced to renounce their religion and become Hindus after lynch mobs issued them with a stark ultimatum: convert or die.

The wave of forced conversions marks a dramatic escalation in a two-month orgy of sectarian violence which has left at least 59 people dead, 50,000 homeless and thousands of houses and churches burnt to the ground. As neighbour has turned on neighbour, thousands more Christians have sought sanctuary in refugee camps, unable to return to the wreckage of their homes unless they, too, agree to abandon their faith.

Last week, in the worst-affected Kandhamal district, The Observer encountered compelling evidence of the scale of the violence employed in a conversion programme apparently sanctioned by members of one of the most powerful Hindu groups in India, the 6.8-million member Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) – the World Hindu Council.

Sprega religije i države još se jednom pokazuje vrhunskim humanitarnim rezultatom:

The roads between the villages are rough and potholed, adding to the difficulties in accessing what is already a remote region, a six-hour drive from the state capital, Bhubaneshwar. The remoteness has undoubtedly played a part in the continuation of the violence, making it harder for police to move about quickly, even if they were minded to do so. Christian leaders, though, have accused the authorities of dragging their feet, claiming they are reluctant to antagonise the majority Hindu community in the run-up to parliamentary elections next year.

Kako je nasilje krenulo? Nadasve dobro objašnjenim optužbama, potkrijepljenim vrhunaravnim dokazima:

Relations between the Hindu and Christian communities were already at a low ebb when the killing of VHP leader Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati on 23 August provided the trigger for the current wave of violence. The VHP blamed Christians and the mobs descended on the homes of neighbours and friends. Those who were too slow to get away were killed.

Tipični krivci kad se ubije tako neki šef su izdajnički humanitarci i časne sestre:

Amid the savagery, two incidents stood out: a young Hindu woman working in a Christian orphanage was burnt alive and a nun was gang-raped.

Očito, u pozadini ovog ludila nalazi se religjska organizacija, ovaj put VHP:

Yet the VHP is unrepentant and appears to be involved, at least at grassroots level, with the campaign of forced conversions. One priest who converted 18 Christians in the village of Sankarakhole last week told The Observer that he had been approached by local VHP representatives to carry out the ceremony.

Kako to izgleda za nove konvertite (uključivo svećenike):

‘The VHP people came with letters that said they wanted to be converted, so I converted them,’ said Preti Singh Patra, who is the brother of a senior VHP official. Crouching on the ground in front of his temple, set in a small walled garden beneath a huge banyan tree, he ran through the details of the ceremony: first some fruit to eat, followed by a mixture of cow dung and urine mixed with milk and curd, a dip in water from the Ganges, an hour of prayers and then the painting of a bindi on the forehead.

Some local men stepped forward to speak to him. ‘Don’t say too much,’ they warned. The priest seemed unconcerned. The 18 had been the only Christians in the village, he said. They were happy to convert.

A što VHP kaže o svemu:

Back on the main road, the men were waiting. ‘Put your notebook and your cameras away. You will take no pictures and record nothing,’ the VHP man said. ‘You want to know what is happening? Now I will tell you why this is happening.’ He blamed the Christians for taking the jobs of Hindus, for the murder of the Swami. The only solution was for Christians to convert, he said. ‘This is a Hindu community. Everyone can stay here, as long as they are part of that community. And now you should go.’

Vijest je preuzeta od Guardiana, gdje možete pročitati cijelu priču o miroljubivim Hindusima, s podosta detalja koje sam ja ovdje izostavio.


Written by Charon l'Cypher

19. 10. 2008. u 19:32

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  1. looks like someone is having a taste of their own medicine..


    20. 10. 2008. at 17:11

  2. Zapravo ne. Kao i uvijek u ratovima, strada narod, a ne oni koji stvarno rade sranja. Čisto sumnjam da je i jedan od 50.000 protjeranih ikad imao ikakve veze s nasilnim pokrštavanjem. Jedini njihov grijeh je što imaju “krivog” izmišljenog prijatelja…

    Charon l'Cypher

    20. 10. 2008. at 17:35


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