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Leteći špageti u školi

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Uz zakašnjenje od par dana, uzrokovano obavezama u “stvarnom” životu (prvenstveno posao), prenosim e-mail našeg čitatelja:

Dear non believers!

Principal of the “Juraj Baraković” high school in Zadar, Croatia has recently decided to add crosses to all classrooms at the previously mentioned school. This decision not only violates the constitution of Croatia which separates the Church and the state but it also discriminates all pupils who are not of Christian faith.

The principal Ranko Artuković has stated that it is not his intention to offend members of other faiths and that he would add symbols of other religions if so requested.

I ask you to send emails to the said school and ask them to add a picture of His Noodliness, the Flying Spaghetti Monster. For this to be taken seriously, we need to send as many emails as we can. It does not matter if you are sending mails in English or if you use Google to translate it to Croatian language. What matters is that we point out to the principal that adding symbols of every religion will soon clutter the walls of the said high school and that religious symbols should stay out of public institutions.

You can contact the school at the following email address:

High school website:

An article about the said incident:

Google does a fairly good job of translating these websites from Croatian to English so you should be able to say what they are saying.

I would also like to ask you to CC your mails to:, and to in order to generate some media exposure for this cause.

Since I come from a country where a large number of people are “tolerant” Catholics, I would like to keep my identity anonymous.

Yours faithfully, Mr.Anonymous.

Ovako sročeno, čini mi se da je sama akcija važnija od eventualnog rezultata. Teško da će školarci gledati špagete (ili kineske čajnike ;)) po zidovima škola. No, neka se pokaže kako je i ovdje riječ o običnom  licemjerju.

A tko zna… možda stvar i prođe. Tada možemo tražiti slike nevidljivih rozih jednoroga… 😉

Written by Charon l'Cypher

17. 3. 2010. at 14:42

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